Our Working Context


Middlesbrough Council are our grantholders, and therefore our home is within the fantastic Middlesbrough Town Hall, however our programme is delivered across all 4 boroughs of the Tees Valley.

Our workforce are based in the Tees Valley and we have a strong focus on developing the music education sector in the area by supporting local musicians and music leaders to build sustainable and reliable careers as music practitioners.

Our funders/national significance

Musinc is funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music.

Youth Music have 3 levels of funding: Fund A, B and C. There are 13 organisations in the UK who hold a Fund C grant and these organisations are the founding members of the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England (AMIE), a movement for change within music education.

To find out more about the Alliance, please visit the AMIE page on the Youth Music website here.

Music Education Hubs:

In 2012, Arts Council introduced Music Education Hubs with the aim that a lead organisation would be tasked and funded to bring together local authorities and other stakeholders and work in partnership to deliver the DfE’s national plan for music education.

The lead organisation for the Tees Valley Music Education Hub is Tees Valley Music Service, and Musinc are a strategic partner in the hub, contributing expertise in musical inclusion and musically inclusive practice.

In 2019, Musinc and TVMS created a joint Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy which will be delivered over the next 2 years. You can view the document here.