Who We Are

Meet our fantastic team of staff and music leaders who make Musinc happen!

Rebecca Johnson – Musinc Manager

Rebecca is the strategic lead for the programme, and is responsible for overseeing the programme as a whole, advocacy for musical inclusion, looking after the partnerships and overseeing delivery of the musical inclusion strategy.

Sarah Towers – Musinc Project Coordinator

Sarah is responsible for all operational aspects of the programme including contracts for music leaders, managing the budget, being the main point of contact for music leaders and general public, managing the 1:1 tuition programme and anything else that keeps the programme operating smoothly! She is also safeguarding lead.

Samantha Spruce – Project Coordinator

Samantha is responsible for developing our schools programme and will look after Town Hall engagement in relation to adult activity and schools.

Namita Vijayakumar – Musinc Marketing, Media and Digital Content Coordinator

Namita is responsible for maintaining our website and all social media platforms, as well as looking after any digital content e.g. images and videos of our work.

Tim Coyte – Workforce Development Coordinator

Tim is responsible for anything related to professional and workforce development. He coordinates the mentoring programme, organises CPD days for music leaders and supports the manager in delivering the Inclusion strategy in relation to musically inclusive practice.

Alex Hatfield – Resources Management and Event Technician

Alex looks after our instruments and equipment, keeping an inventory, getting things where they need to be when they go out, and making sure they come back in! He also will act as Musinc sound technician when we can eventually have events again!

Music Leaders

We have approximately 20 self-employed music leaders delivering out on projects across the Tees Valley.

Trainee Music Leaders

We have 4 trainees who are taking part in the MIMI programme (Musical Inclusion Mentoring Initiative) between January and March 2021, with possible extension. They are Amanda Fearnhough, Cathie Sprague, Lara Rowlands and Maddie Smyth. They are paired with an experienced music leader and will learn ‘on the job’ within a music group.