Training opportunities

We provide professional development opportunities for all emerging and existing music leaders/teachers/practitioners. Some events are open access, some are available to those in the MUSINC music leader network. To become a member of our music leader network please contact – it is free to join. Details of upcoming CPD opportunities below….

If you would like to improve your music theory knowledge and have the option of taking ABRSM Grade 5 theory we are running an on-going programme which you can join in with at any point. People signed up to the programme work through learning material with the use of the ABRSM app and discussion with members of the Musinc network. Musinc hold monthly meetings so if you would like to sign up to the programme please contact

Open to MUSINC network only.

Oct, 13th Nov, 5th Dec, 7-10th Jan, MAC Birmingham

This is an amazing CPD opportunity. It is 8 days in Birmingham spread between Sep – Jan. Throughout the course you will cover:

  • Rhythm and pulse work
  • Song repertoire and vocal work
  • Engagement and communication
  • Inclusive pedagogy in action
  • Social, emotional and mental health – viewpoint of specialist CYP providers
  • Attachment theory
  • Thrive approach
  • 6 elements of relevance with CYP with SEMH
  • Reflective practise
  • Assignment focus
  • Intro to music technology
  • Beginners music tech and advanced music tech
  • Songwriting
  • Improvising
  • Devising
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Group dynamics
  • Leadership
  • Multi-cultural music making
  • Behaviour management

Open to MUSINC network only

This course costs £200. We would ask that you contribute 10% of this cost (£20). MUSINC will cover transport costs.

Tuesday 29th October, 10am – 4pm, Middlesbrough Town Hall

This training will involve:

  • Understanding the different contexts – School exclusion,PRUs, ACPs, Social Emotional & Mental Health, at risk or already offending. How do young people find themselves here and what do these different contexts look like.
  • Why Music – social, personal , musical benefits and how to access them.
  • Planning & Preparation – Intentions, Structure, Working with partners ( questions to ask in advance, agreements to make ), Resources, Environment.
  • Inclusive Leadership – Engagement to Achievement – meeting young people, establishing positive culture , proving ourselves ,consistency,  making engagement easy then stretching , working progressively, refection and evaluation, mentoring model.
  • Behaviour Management and Group Work – safe place to take risks, Ground Rules, why do young people misbehave and how to avoid this, dealing with unacceptable behaviour. How groups work.
  • What Music – understanding the music young people might want to make, how different musical approaches can address challenges and provide benefits. Group music making – drumming, instrumental work. Beat making and tech. Songwriting – facilitating songwriting exercises, lyrical content , issue based work. Soundscapes and environmental recording.

Cost: Free

Open to anyone. To book a place please visit or call 01642 729729.

Please regularly check back to this page as it is constantly updated with new opportunities.