Live music performance

Be part of Give a Gig Week 2020 (27 March – 5 April 2020)

We want to put young people front and centre of this year’s Give a Gig week. Supporting skills development in producing, presenting, promoting, performing, fundraising, budgeting and more through first-hand experience of organising a gig.

With MUSINC support, young people can apply for funding of up to £250 to cover the essential costs of putting on a gig.

The gig would be part of a national line-up and could be a great opportunity for young people to network with other Youth Music-funded organisations, performers and venues in the local area.

There is no fundraising target attached but if you choose to fundraise, any money raised can be split between your organisation and Youth Music.

Contact us at if you know any young people who would be interested in this opportunity.