May/June Half Term Activities

Early Years Music

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Every day between Tuesday 26th May and Friday 29th May at 11am

Music is extremely beneficial to all aspects of a child’s development. Making music is also FUN! Our NEW online music sessions for parents & babies/toddlers, and nursery/KS1-age children use singing, movement and play to engage cognitive, language development, motor skills, and much more.

This session is aimed at nursery/KS1 age (parent participation recommended, but not essential!) We will play singing & action games on many different topics (counting, colours, the weather, animals, food etc.), whilst developing a feeling of the vital foundations of music: beat, pitch, sound/silence, slow/fast and loud/quiet. Also involving many different animals and instruments :)

To make the most of these sessions, please have with you the following:

– shaker(s) – rice in a jar also works 🙂
– scarf (or similar e.g. tea towel!)
– soft toy(s)
– a pair of wooden claves/sticks/beaters (wooden spoons/chopsticks also good!)

Naomi Haigh is a classically trained community musician and multi-instrumentalist who specialises in Early Years Music and Kodaly methodology. She has been based in the North East works as an instrumental and early years music teacher.

Her live music classes offer a mixture of action, puppet and movement songs with musical material played on a wide variety of different instruments – guitar, melodeon, piano, melodica, accordion, cello and djembe. All music is played and sung live.

To join in, simply tune into the facebook/musinctees page at 11am each morning between 26th and 29th May!

Learn Piano

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Every day from Tues 26th May to Fri 29th May at 4pm

Have you ever wanted to learn to play piano?

If you have a keyboard or piano at home that you can use then join Rebecca as she takes you through your first 4 lessons.

Each lesson is delivered live and will go through some basic piano techniques including layout of the piano and note names, scales and chords, and each section will have exercises to practise at home.

Finally in each lesson you will learn a pop/rock song! Songs include Lewis Capaldi ‘Someone you loved’, Tones and I ‘Dance Monkey’, Sam Smith ‘Stay with Me’ and Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’

Lessons will be live at 4pm each day between Tues 26th and Fri 29th May.

Accompanying resources will be available alongside the lessons

Live Drumming

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Every day from Tuesday 26th May to Friday 29th May, 10am – 10.30am

Love making a noise?!

Grab some pots and pans and follow Georgia in the new Lockdown Beats daily live stream programme on the musinc facebook page @musinctees.

This programme helps primary school children with making a beat using anything they can find around the house!

No previous drumming experience or knowledge necessary! Aimed at primary aged children.

To join in simply tune into the facebook/musinctees page at 10am each morning between 26th and 29th May!

To take part you will need 3-4 pots and pans (no glass, as you don’t want it to smash!), whatever you can find that’s not sharp to hit the pots and pans with (eg. Spatula or wooden spoon)! OR 1-2 tubs filled with rice/something that will make the sound of a shaker! 

And on Thursday all you will need is a chair and something to hit it with (eg. Spatula or wooden spoon) 

Create a beat

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Create beats in a week

This project will take place across the week and will involve taking you through the process of creating an original track either with the Digital Audio Workstation you have at home or gain access to an online DAW

The first two lessons will be split into samples and MIDI learning the features of the DAW, how to put a drum loop together and how to write chords into MIDI without any theory knowledge.

The rest of the lessons will put those two together and go through the process of producing beats.

This will be delivered daily through Padlet with the opportunity to post your finished beat to share.

Aimed at anyone aged 14 or over and no previous experience or knowledge necessary.

To get involved in this project please either drop us a message through the facebook page (musinctees) or email to let us know that you would like to be involved and we will take you through the steps to access the online DAW and the first ‘lesson’.

You do not need to be on social media (facebook) to take part in this project.

All you will need is…

A laptop running either a DAW or Acces to the internet and running Chrome


The art of song writing

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Beginners – Tuesday 26th May at 2pm

Experienced – Thursday 28th May at 2pm

Beginner Song writing Session – How to write your first song!

Have you always wanted to write your own song but not sure how to get started?

You are invited to join Pariss as she takes you through the creative process step by step, from inspiration and lyric writing to creating your own musical accompaniment at home!

The session welcomes young people of any ability and don’t worry if you don’t have an instrument, you will still be able to take part!

Parissa will provide pre-recorded backing tracks and a step by step guide you can use to help you.

For those who have more experience with song writing, Parissa will be on hand to support you to develop your skills further, by…….need Parissa to fill in!

You can take part in these song writing sessions on their own, or we would recommend doing them alongside the ‘Create a track in a week’ project which is running for the week – as you will then be able to use some of the song writing skills you have learnt whilst creating and recording your music online using the free DAW software that you will have access to on your computer at home.

Parissa’s beginner session is pre-recorded and this will be posted on the Facebook page on Tuesday 26th at 2pm.


For the second session on Thursday 28th May join Parissa LIVE on the musinc Facebook page (musinctees) at 2pm.

Music Project for SEN/D

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Music project for SEN/D young people!


This project will run throughout the week from Tues 26th to Fri 29th May.

Young people will have the opportunity to create a collaborative piece of music alongside others. First they will learn rhythms and beats through body percussion, then add a bit of improvised music using either instruments they have at home or ipad technology that is free and accessible, then create lyrics to be spoken or sung over the top. Our expert music leaders will then compile everyone’s contribution into a final track!

No previous experience or knowledge necessary, and young people can contribute as much or as little as they like to the overall track, as the activities are just as much about joining in and having fun as they are about creating the final piece.

You do not need to be on social media to take part in this project.

To take part in this project you will need ………

To take part in this project drop us a message through the facebook page or email and we will be in touch to send the first activity.