Existing music leaders

As Musinc are working towards a national movement in music education it is important that we deliver projects smoothly and effectively. We are here to support you to do this and hope the information below helps to equip you with all the requirements, templates and useful tips that you need in order to deliver your new project.

Most importantly, it is essential that we collect as much evidence as possible to show that music works and really does change the lives of young people. Therefore we need you to complete these reporting requirements at the end of every project, if your project is ongoing then complete them at the end of each term.

Here is a step by step guide to delivering and reporting a Musinc project:

  • Complete the Middlesbrough Council Supplier set up form that we send you.

This will enable you to be set up on the system for payments.  If you are not registering on behalf of a company or organisation you must declare yourself as self-employed.

  • Send us your current DBS certificate

If you haven’t got one then let us know and we will take you through the process to get one.

  • Send us your public liability certificate.

You can either get this from an insurance company such as Allianz, however if you are a self-employed musician and teacher it may be more cost effective to join a union such as soundsense, ISM, or the Musicians Union all of which include public liability insurance. They also provide other benefits with membership such as instrument insurance, guidance on fees, legal advice around contracts and pay as well as help with management of your business.

Note: The above steps only need to be completed once.

  • Sign and return your agreement for your project

Keep a copy for your records as this includes essential information including dates and contact numbers for your project. PLEASE KEEP THIS AND REFER TO THIS FOR ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR ENGAGEMENT.

  • Complete a risk assessment for your project.

Templates and an example can be found on the website.

  • Complete a brief project plan.

This doesn’t have to be complex, just a plan that shows what musical content will take place in the sessions. We understand that this needs to be flexible and adapt to the needs of the young people therefore we have left it to you to do whatever works best, but please do consider the aims that you are hoping to achieve within the sessions and our end goal from the completion of your sessions both in terms of musical progression and personal/social outcomes.

  • Make a note of your purchase order.

Once all the above paperwork is in place you will receive an automated email from Middlesbrough Council which states your purchase order number for the whole project and the total amount you will be paid for the whole project. This should match up with the details on your agreement. The purchase order number starts with 8 and is 8 digits long. PLEASE KEEP THIS NUMBER SAFE AS YOU WILL NEED IT TO CLAIM ANY PAYMENT FROM THE PROJECT.

  • Carry out a pre-project or initial consultation with your group.

Youth voice is at the heart of the work we do, as we want to make sure we are facilitating them on their musical journey, which is set by them. So before you make music, please consult with your group about the expectations for the sessions and agree together on some ground rules that you will all try to follow. This can be done as a group or individually according to the setting you are working in. When completing the reporting requirements at the end of your project you will be asked about how you carried out this consultation i.e. audio clips of discussions, written summary of discussion or notes taken, or questionnaire sheets. There is no set way that we expect you to do this, feel free to do what feels right for your group. Be prepared to report about how this consultation informed your planning for the project.

  • Complete Individual Development Plans for all core participants (these are young people who attend more than 3 sessions)

This can be done at any point in the project but the earlier the better. Templates for the IDP’s can be found on the MUSINC website. This is simply to make a note of 3 specific musical goals that the young person is aiming for, and make a note if/when they are achieved. Keep a record of if/when the young people achieve the goals they have set, and make notes of any new goals as you go along.

  • Take a register every session.

The template can be found on the website. This is important as it captures vital data about the young people we are working with.

  • OPTIONAL but recommended to reflect on each session.

This doesn’t have to be complex, simply writing a few brief notes after each session thinking about what went well, what challenges you faced and how you overcame them and how you will consider doing things differently in the future. These notes can be really useful when it comes to reporting time at the end of the project.

  • Claim Payments each month.

To claim our payments you need to send us an invoice with details about the dates of the sessions you are claiming for. YOU MUST QUOTE YOUR PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER ON YOUR INVOICE, otherwise the council systems will bounce it back and cause payments to be delayed. More info on invoices can be found on the website. You can claim for any amount up to and including the amount of your purchase order. You cannot claim for more than the amount on your purchase order without prior arrangement with us. Please contact us if you are unsure about anything regarding your payments.

  • Complete the online surveys to evaluate your project, and to help us evidence impact to Youth Music

There are 3 surveys: One for you to fill in, for host organisations to fill in (please encourage them to do so) and for young people to fill in. There are also paper versions of the surveys if this is easier for the young people in your group.

Please note you will need to upload the following documents so have these to hand when completing the survey:

  • Session plan/s
  • Consultation evidence
  • IDP’s for core participants

Please allow time with your group to fill in the young people surveys so we can capture as many young people’s voices as possible. If the forms are not appropriate please feel free to use the questions in the forms to guide any other ways that you wish to capture feedback, e.g. audio interviews, group discussion recorded on phone, drawing pictures with answers to questions – we don’t mind you using your imagination with this as long as you use the questions as a basis for your feedback activity. Try to let them open up and be as honest as they like – we need honest feedback to inform our programmes moving forward.

Musinc Project Folder

Here’s a list of what music leaders should include in their project folder:

  1. Youth Music Quality Framework (as a reference for inclusive practice)
  2. Your agreement (so that you know the important details of your project)
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Session plans and any resources
  5. Register (if you are responsible – please use the Musinc register template)
  6. Any notes to document how you have consulted with YP (these count towards evaluation for Youth Voice)
  7. Individual Development Plans (IDP’s) for each participant
  8. Your own Individual Development Plan

A copy of the Musinc handbook is useful too as this has handy flowcharts at the back for what to do in case of emergencies (safeguarding or health & safety etc)

You can download all of the documents below.

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