About Musincs student social media Musinc@Home

It is always important to keep communication with students going and to all stay connected and social media gives many interesting and varied options. Musinc runs open access Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for everyone to see news and progress that Musinc and Youth Music are making in the area. We also believe that continued support of our students is vital as learning and enjoying music should not be limited start and end of a session and that students should be given the opportunity to see music leaders other than those within their sessions deliver workshops in their own unique ways. It is also a platform for students to share their musical journey.

To join is very simple,

If your under the age of 18 then first ask permission from a parent or guardian to use Facebook.

Next would be to search for musinc@home you will be asked three questions. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions it just give us a better idea of  your musical journey.

Then, as long as you have read and understood our group rules you will be a part of our musinc@home group.

Joining the group give you access to online workshops, news on events, direct access to music leaders for questions, a platform to share your music plus much more.