Summer Music School

This summer we are pleased to announce a 4-day summer school which will take place (in person!) at Middlesbrough Town Hall in August. Due to the limit in the number of physical places available, the courses will also be available ‘virtually’ for people to take part from home.

We are offering the following courses:

Gig school/bandjam

Tuesday 18th August to Friday 21st August

10am – 3pm each day

In this course you will develop band based skills and experience. Parts of the days will be working with tutors to build your confidence and skills on your individual instrument, and other parts of the days will be activities to develop skills playing with others in a band. This course will mostly cover rock and pop based musical repertoire. There will be an informal sharing performance at the end of the week with other young people taking part in the summer school. Unfortunately due to social distancing restrictions we cannot extend invitations to the performance to family and friends this year.

MC and Rap

Tuesday 18th August to Friday 21sy August

10am – 3pm each day

Join local artist Shakk who will take you through the basics of rap and MC. See below for details…


Lyric writing activities

Break Down The Lyrics

How to find Inspiration for writing lyrics

Rhyming Patterns & Bars

Creating a rhyme challenge


Continue the Rhyme

How To Improve Your Rap Voice

Step Up Your Rhyming Skills In Rap

Creative writing session

What makes a great live performance


Continue the Rhyme (including Near rhymes)

Rhyme Challenge

How To Be Original

Complete writing your rhyme



Recap on everything learned so far.

Review and discuss challenges and solutions

Continue the Rhyme Final (including Near rhymes)

Record our songs


Final performance


Tuesday 18th August to Friday 21st August

10am – 3pm each day

Join local artist Hayley McKay who will support you to develop techniques and approaches to songwriting.

The 4 day songwriting workshop will cover how to become a better songwriter, an insight into the songwriting business, musicianship-(chord progressions, melody, harmony, learning chords on guitar/keys) and a vocal session. Hayley will also be providing tips on how to combat nerves/confidence and stage presence. The week will involve songwriting activities and fun challenges. By the end of the week participants will have written an original song to present to everyone in the showcase performance.