Sing Together for ages 6+

Tuesdays, 4pm – 4.45pm, Middlesbrough Town Hall

Tuesday 11th January – Tuesday 22nd March (10 weeks)

Explore the basics of music and performance with singing. The sessions are led by professional singer-songwriter Nick Dixon. Improve your vocal and performance skills either as a soloist or in a group with other singers

How can I join this group?

To register, please get in touch by emailing When we contact you to confirm your place, we will let you know how to make payment.


Full £30 (£3 per session), concession £15 (£1.50 per session), free for those who need it to be.

Details about our inclusive fee structure can be found below*

Access information

Please click here for the venue’s access information.

About the course leader

Nick Dixon is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach from Hartlepool. He performed for the first time at a Caravan Park during a kids’ singing competition and loved it so much he decided right there that music was his life! Nick previously appeared on The Voice in 2013, and since then has focused on developing his own songwriting and musical style.
After releasing his first EP in 2016, Nick has performed professionally on tours throughout the UK and has had radio play and streams from countries all over the world. He has worked on collaborations with well known artists, music publishers and music agencies, including Utah Saints, PopScar, Alesha Dixon, Bars and Melody and Hue and Cry.
You can listen to one of his performances below:

*Our fee structure explained:

Musinc provides opportunities for music participation and learning for people of all ages and abilities. Based within Middlesbrough Town Hall, we are hosted by Middlesbrough Council and we aim to ensure that all people, regardless of background or circumstance, have the opportunity to access high quality music making. We particularly aim to break down barriers that may prevent people from participating in musical participation, whether financial or otherwise.

We receive funding from Arts Council England and the National Foundation for Youth Music, which means that we can offer opportunities free of charge. However we also believe that we could do more with the funds if we consider the following things:

  1. We want everyone to be able to access all activities, regardless of circumstance or background. This principle lies at the heart of our organization.
  2. We know that some people need opportunities to be free of charge due to financial barriers.
  3. We know that there are many other barriers that people face that may prevent them accessing opportunities, that are not necessarily financial.

We want to make sure that we meet the needs of local communities, and that we are doing all we can to break down barriers, therefore we ask for some anonymous data from you which helps us to monitor this. We would be very grateful for your cooperation in providing this. The information you provide is also used in our reports to funders to evidence our work, and is not used for any other purpose.

We believe that the following fee structure will allow anyone to be able to access our varied programme of high quality music making activities. When signing up for any of Musinc’s activities, we will ask you to tick one of the following options:

  • I do not identify with any barriers* and I am happy to pay the full cost of this activity
  • I do identify as facing a barrier/barriers* (tick barriers which apply) but I am happy to pay the full cost of this activity
  • I do identify as facing a barrier/barriers* (tick barriers which apply) and I am able to pay 50% of the cost of this activity
  • I identify as facing financial barriers which would prevent me from accessing this activity, and I require a full bursary.

*examples of barriers

☐ I am eligible for free school meals

☐ I am experiencing other financial barriers.

☐ I have or have had an Education, Health and Care Plan in place

☐ I have Special Educational Needs

☐ I have a disability

☐ I am currently seeking asylum in the UK

☐ English is my second language

☐ I have been attending a pupil referral unit

☐ I have been excluded from school

☐ I am or have been homeless

☐ I have a long-term medical condition

☐ I am in foster care

☐ I suffer from mental ill-health

☐ I am not in education, employment or training

☐ I am a refugee or asylum seeker in the UK

☐ I live in a rurally isolated location

☐ I have a sensory processing disorder

☐ I am a young carer

☐ I am a young parent