Open Orchestra

Weekly at Middlesbrough Town Hall

The Middlesbrough Open Orchestra is a music programme which enables SEN students to learn a musical instrument and play in an orchestra, in the same way as their non-disabled peers. Middlesbrough Town Hall currently hosts the only Open Orchestra in the North of England.

Open Orchestras was created in 2013 to address a lack of ensemble musical provision in Special schools. Originally piloted at six schools in the South-West during 2013-15, Open Orchestras has been carefully developed through participatory design with young disabled musicians, teachers and music leaders. It’s an award-winning, game-changing programme that provides everything needed – instruments, repertoire and training, to empower Music Hubs, arts organisations and Special schools across the UK to set up and run their own orchestra sustainably, just like mainstreams schools do. You can find out more about Open Orchestras on their website.

Open Day for Schools

We’d like to invite Special schools to a day of workshops, discussions and performance by the orchestra.

If you’re thinking ‘How does it work?’ or ‘What does a session look like?’ then come along and see Open Orchestra in action and have your questions answered.

When: Friday 11th March, 10am – 2pm

Where: Middlesbrough Town Hall

Cost: Free

Who: KS3

Capacity: 8 students per school.

To book: email